What is the use of brown corundum abrasive

Brown corundum abrasive is one of the artificial corundum materials, brown in color, with high purity, high fluidity, low coefficient of linear expansion, corrosion resistance, so what is the use of brown corundum abrasive?

Brown corundum is made of high quality bauxite, iron filings, anthracite coal smelted at high temperature in electric arc, crushed and shaped by self-mill, magnetic separation to remove iron, sieved into various size models.

Brown corundum abrasive uses:

1, used in the manufacture of advanced refractory materials, pouring materials, refractory bricks, etc.

2, sandblasting - abrasive hardness moderate, high bulk density, no free silica, specific gravity, good toughness, is the ideal "environmental protection" sandblasting materials, widely used in aluminum profiles, copper profiles glass, washed denim precision mold and other fields.

3, free grinding - grinding grade abrasives, used in the field of video tubes, optical glass, single crystal silicon, lenses, watches and clocks with glass, crystal glass, jade and other areas of free grinding, is commonly used in the domestic advanced grinding materials.

4, resin abrasives - abrasives with suitable color, good hardness, toughness, suitable particle section type and edge retention, applied to resin abrasives, the effect is ideal.

5, coated abrasives - abrasives are the raw materials for the production of sandpaper, gauze and other manufacturers.

6, hydraulic cutting - is the abrasive as the cutting medium, relying on high-pressure hydraulic jets for basic cutting, applied to oil (natural gas) pipelines, steel and other parts of the cutting, is a new, environmentally friendly, safe cutting method.