What are the characteristics of brown corundum abrasives

Brown corundum abrasive is brown in color, it is one of the artificial corundum materials, which has the advantages of dense texture, high hardness and toughness, etc. What are the characteristics of brown corundum abrasive?

The characteristics of brown corundum abrasives:

1, the outstanding feature is the small size of the crystal impact resistance, because of the processing of crushing with impact crusher, the particles are mostly spherical particles, the surface is dry and clean, easy to bonding agent bonding.

2, brown corundum abrasive grinding ability, good wear resistance, high durability, easy to control the processing size, to achieve processing automation.

3, Brown corundum abrasive has high grinding efficiency. When processing carbide and non-metallic hard and brittle materials, the metal removal rate of diamond grinding wheels is better than that of cubic boron nitride grinding wheels.

4, Brown corundum abrasive processing cost is low. Diamond grinding wheels and cubic boron nitride grinding wheels are relatively expensive, but the total cost is low due to their long life and high processing efficiency.

5、Low grinding force, low grinding temperature, good surface quality, no burns, cracks and tissue changes. When diamond grinding wheels grind carbide, the grinding force of brown corundum abrasive is only one quarter to one fifth of that of green silicon carbide grinding wheels.