Brown corundum abrasive is suitable for grinding what

What is brown corundum abrasive suitable for grinding? Brown corundum is a kind of artificial corundum abrasive, which is widely used because of its relatively cheap price and strong grinding power. So do you know what brown corundum abrasives are suitable for grinding?

Brown corundum is made of high quality bauxite, iron filings, anthracite coal smelted at high temperature in electric arc, crushed and shaped by self-mill, magnetic separation to remove iron, sieved into various particle sizes, the particle size of brown corundum abrasives produced by our factory is produced according to international standards and national standards, and can be processed according to the particle size required by users." Recommended reading: BFA60# 60 mesh brown corundum for steel plate sandblasting

Brown corundum is suitable for grinding what: 1:

1. coated abrasives, brown corundum abrasives not only in the performance of the advantages also occupy an advantageous position in the cost, in the choice of material its performance can not only be comparable with other abrasives can also reduce the production cost of abrasives.

2. Grinding and polishing materials, brown corundum abrasives in the field of grinding and polishing more and more applications, such as polishing stainless steel, glass, bamboo and other workpieces, grinding and polishing of metal parts, non-metallic surface treatment processing, etc. have good applications.

3. making resin abrasives, ceramic abrasives, etc., using the performance characteristics of brown corundum, brown corundum particle size sand in the production of resin abrasives and other abrasive fields to become the main application materials, can improve the sharpness of the grinding wheel and the use of periodicity, and low cost is conducive to the improvement of production efficiency.