Brown corundum abrasive sandblasting note what

1、Protect the parts on the brown corundum that are not allowed to be blasted on sand as required.

2、Put into the blasting chamber, in the process of blasting, will not collide with each other and obstruct.

3、Close the door of the shot blasting machine. Brown corundum start shot blasting work, the door of the blasting machine must be closed to avoid sand and dust pollution shot blasting environment.

4, shot blasting steel bead size of 1 ~ 1.5mm.

6, sandblasting brown corundum construction should also check the shot blasting workpiece, if there is not sprayed or shot bad parts, the workpiece re-spray.

5, sandblasting, gun nozzle and workpiece spacing to maintain at about 10 ~ 20cm, vertical uniform movement, while rotating the workpiece in hand, so that the abrasive surface evenly sprayed shot.

Brown corundum in the process of using many details are related to the later use of the effect, and in the application of the time we should also do some protection. Such abrasives in the process of use, especially to the sandblasting link, must pay attention to these matters.